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     In 1990, Teresa de Lauretis playfully coined the term Queer Theory. In doing so, de Lauretis called for academics to critique and create methods for research, new or adapted lines of inquiry, and new forms of analysis. Used as a directive, queer theory was also a call to queer existing theory and scholarship in the light of the ongoing, lifesaving, world changing queer and LGBT activism of the day. Thanks to the foundational scholarship (beginning decades before the the term was coined), queer activist work, and the scholarship of many wonderful queer theorists, queer theory has evolved and continues to grow.

     Deliberately Queer Journal aims to support the efforts of queer theorists and queer communities by providing an open-access, online forum to share scholarly, activist, and creative work conducted by graduate students and recent graduates from across a variety of disciplines. We aim to bring scholars together to explore queer from multiple perspectives, to create a community of graduate queer theorists and practitioners engaging with queer theory.


If you can think of ways to queer this journal, please send them our way.


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